Food Hamper Preparation Resumed

Due to increasing food demands by the vulnerable community, we decide to resume our food project preparing food hampers for people to pick up starting on Sunday May 23rd. To ensure all health restrictions being followed and for the safety of everyone involved, numbers of food hampers we pass out every Sunday are limited and at the first comes first served basis. We would like to invite each recipient coming to pre-register at 10:30am every Sunday.介於弱勢社群需求食物有增之勢,本會決定由五月二十三日起恢復供應食物讓群眾到會領取。為遵守有關健康指令及確保群眾安全,本會每星期日派出的食物袋數量有限,先到先得。敬請有需求人仕於每星期日早上十時三十分到會預先登記。

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